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Our instructors are located at the front of the class and lead the spinners through routines that are designed to simulate terrain and situations similar to riding a bike outdoors. Some of our movements and positions include hill climbs, sprints and interval training. We use music, motivation, visualization and enthusiastic coaching to lead students through a ride that best suits their fitness level and goals. We use interval rides, where students will sprint, run, climb, and jump all in the same ride, but there will not be definable pattern to the exercises. Besides burning between 400-500 kcal in 45 minutes, indoor cycling also strengthens the muscles of the lower body.

There are five core movements in the Spinning program.
  • Seated flat, with hands at the center part of the handlebars. This is hand position one. This position should be used only when seated, for flat road simulations and during the warm-up and cool down. Cadence between 80 and 110 RPM.
  • Standing flat (also known as running), with hands wide on the back 12-14" part of the handlebars that crosses the rider's body. This is hand position two. Proper form for standing while running requires the body to be more upright and the back of the legs touching or enveloping the point of the saddle, with the center of gravity directly over the crank. The pressure of body weight should never rest excessively on the handlebars. Cadence is between 80 and 110 RPM
  • Jumps, (also known as lifts), a combination of seated and standing with riders hands at position two for duration's of between two and eight seconds. Cadence between 80 and 110 RPM.
  • Seated climb with hands at position two, increased resistance and lower cadence of 60-80 RPM.
  • Standing climb with hands wide and forward so the thumb tips are touching the far end of the handlebars (hand position three). The rider is canted slightly forward so that maximum force can be exerted onto the pedals with heavy resistance and a cadence of 60-80 RPM.
These five movements each work a different part of the body and focus on different leg muscle groups. The rider should always maintain control of the flywheel by having resistance applied and remaining below a cadence of 110 RPM.
There are five further advanced movements based on those listed above.
  • Running with resistance
  • Jumps on a hill
  • Seated flat sprint
  • Seated hill sprint
  • Standing hill sprint
Our indoor cycling classes are coached with music. Riders may synchronize their pedaling to be in time with the rhythm of the music, thus providing an external stimulus to encourage a certain tempo.
Our Bikes are SPINNER NXT models and are all clip ready or you can ride with the cage and regular tennis shoes.  Our spinning classes are small and personal, promoting attention from the instructor.
10 seats per class   


Leigh Williams has enthusiastically practiced kickboxing and self defense for over 10 years.. With experience in kickboxing, weight training, endurance training, polymeric training, and Core Boxing ™ Leigh has  found success with many clients.Leigh has been a part of the Hammer Time Fitness family for4 yrs!
Kickboxing/Boot Camp Fusion 
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            What do we do at Kickboxing Boot Camp Fusion:
Kickboxing Boot Camp workouts are a combination of strength-training, calisthenics,  functional training, Boxing and Kickboxing.

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Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm

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$10 per class or $120 unlimited  Studio Classes!