Accomplish what you thought was impossible and get  -                 Trinity Spin

This is 100% true!  Actually, from my experience it is more like 80/20. You can workout until the cows come home and if you don't change your diet YOU WILL NOT SEE THE RESULTS
you could achieve with clean eating!

My name is Christine and I have been a Certified Personal Trainer for almost a decade.  I am the owner and lead trainer here at Hammer Time Fitness and I have had the privilege to work with hundreds of clients.  THIS FACT I KNOW TO BE TRUE. 

The path to a healthy body composition is diet. 
Diet is 80% of your success.
You can not exercise your way out of a healthy diet.

Diets are not "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" And that is why there are so many of them!!  This is what I have learned about myself and my clients: 


Now, when I talk about diet I am not referring to restrictive eating plan that leaves you starving and suffering...Actually, when you Eat For Your Body Type you get to eats lots of food...the right foods, in the right amounts and the right time! 

My clients are shocked at their CUSTOMIZED Meal Plans.!

Sound Like fun?